“NADRA Advice Bureaus” are unauthorized entities

It has come to the notice of the Embassy of Pakistan Copenhagen that some recently established self-styled “NADRA Advice Bureaus” are charging money from the applicants for helping them submit their Online NADRA Applications.

The Embassy clarifies that these “NADRA Advice Bureaus” operating at some places in the Denmark are unauthorized entities, not sanctioned by the Embassy.

It may be noted that the Online Application Service for NICOP was started a few months ago to facilitate the applicants to submit their NICOP applications from any place of convenience.

Since such Bureaus have no official authorization to operate, the Embassy will not be responsible for loss of money or theft of information of the applicants. Some of the applicants are already facing difficulties in NICOP processing due to fudging in their applications by the above mentioned Bureaus.

The purported “NADRA Advice Bureaus” are also warned that any use of the logo of the Government of Pakistan would be illegal and liable to prosecution.

The Pakistani community members, in their own interest, are advised to beware of the situation.

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