Renunciation of Citizenship

  • Pakistani nationals are required to renounce their Pakistani citizenship when acquiring Danish nationality. The individual(s) must therefore surrender his/her Pakistani passport and Pakistani identity card.  
  • A Pakistani national applying for renunciation should not be minor (A person under the age of 21 is considered minor) and must be residing abroad.
  • Following are the documents that are required to submit to the Embassy of Pakistan, Copenhagen for processing of Renunication Letter:
  1. Assurance letter issued by the Danish authorities with English Translation, declaring the eligibility for the the grant of respective country’s citizenship.
  2. Application “form X” in triplicate(filled 3 copies) and Computer performa only one “Download Form in word format” OR “Print Form in PDF format.”
  3. National Identity Card / CNIC / NICOP in original or in case the applicant is not in possession of CNIC or NICOP. He / She may be asked to furnish his/her correct/complete address & phone No. along with two references in Pakistan for verification of his/her antecedent.
  4. Photocopy of Pakistani passport.
  5. Fresh five (5) colored Pictures with light blue background of size 2 x1 -1/2  are required for renunciation. The pictures should not be old than 3 months.
  6. Date and place of birth with documentary evidence(birth Certificate) of his/her minor children that they are living with him/her in foreign coutry i.e. their Pakistani passports and form B, CRC/NICOP or assurance letter.
  7. Normal processing time is Six months from the date of submission.
  8. The cases are handled by the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports (IMPASS). Its email address is: 
  9. The Embassy of Pakistan, Copenhagen assumes no responsibility for delay in issuance of renunciation certificates nor it will be responsible for any errors or ommissions in the renunciation certificate.
  10. Fee for Renunciation Case is 450 DKK.  Renunciation Fee must be deposited to Danske Bank Account No. 4001-0010961874 and original receipt attached with application. In case of cash payment at the bank counter, an extra 90 DKK has to be deposited. Therefore the Embassy advises the applicants to pay the fee through E-banking or through the Dankort/Debit Card machine at the Embassy. All Consular Fees are Non-refundable.

Q: How to check status of already submitted nationality cases?

Kindly provide the following information while making any query specifically for Renunciation of Citizenship Cases after its innitiation from the Embassy ofPakistan Copenahgen Denmark .

  • Applicant Name with Father/Guardian name.
  • Case No.
  • Name of City/Foreign Mission; where case has been initiated.
  • Name of Country; where case has been initiated.
  • CNIC/NICOP Number
  • Passport No. (if applicable).
  • Email :