Notice to the Consular Applicants/Terms and Conditions

  • The Embassy of Pakistan, Copenhagen is open for consular services at the following time: Monday to Friday from 09:00am to 12:00 pm in which cases/documents can be submitted & collected.
  • The Embassy of Pakistan, Copenhagen processes the consular matters related to

    (1) Overseas Pakistanis residing in Denmark,

    (2) Danish citizens including those holding Danish Travel Document and Refugee Passport

    (3) Citizens of third countries who are resident in Denmark. The Embassy reserves the right to refuse consular services to anyone who does not fall within the above mentioned categories.

  • The Embassy does not accept fee paid in cash, cheques or by credit card (MasterCard).

  • The consular fee is only acceptable through bank transfer (Embassy’s account with Danske Bank:  4001-0010961874

  • Fee paid to the Embassy is non-refundable. The Embassy reserves the right to refuse delivery of service, even if fee is paid, in case of harassment, incomplete documentation, false documentation or refusal from the Government of Pakistan.

  • The Embassy uses its website as a notice board for the consular applicants, for example the closure of the Embassy or change in the timing. All visitors are urged to consult the website before visiting the Embassy. The Embassy reserves the right to deny consular service, in case an applicant, has not consulted the Embassy’s website.

  • Submission of consular fee is not guarantee for delivery of consular service. The Embassy reserves the right to deny/refuse service to an applicant without assigning any reason. 

  • Embassy reserves to deny or refuse consular service on the basis of false documents, forgery, incomplete documentation, clumsy photographs, harassment, etc.

  • The Embassy reserves the right to refuse delivery of consular service/entertain the case, if the applicant(s) approaches the Embassy through any irrelevant person who is not concerned or related to the case or to the Applicant. The Embassy discourages the “sifarish” culture and therefore encourages the consular visitors to submit their cases directly to the Embassy without the involvement of irrelevant persons. Involving any irrelevant personality will only delay the case.

  • The Embassy does not tolerate harassment. In case of any harassment, the Embassy reserves the right to refuse delivery of service, forfeit the consular fee and/or report the matter to the local authorities and or blacklist the individual(s) and circulate the name to the authorities in Pakistan and all Pakistani missions abroad.

  • Embassy will not be responsible for any delay related to the documents/services related to NADRA (CNIC, NICOP, POC) and Directorate General of Immigration & Passports (for MRP, Renunciation Certificates etc) or any objection in the cases processed by NADRA and IMPASS.

  • Submission of documents and/or submission of consular fee, will be deemed to be the submission to the above terms & conditions and other rules levied by the Government of Pakistan.


The Embassy of Pakistan, Copenhagen processes the cases of Pakistani nationals residing in Denmark. The Embassy reserves the right to deny or refuse delivery of service for residents in other countries

All applicants applying for issuance of new/renewal of Pakistani passport are requested to attend the Consular Section in person from 09:00 to 12:00.  Click here for more details

New born baby passport (First Time) in Denmark

  • ONLY MRP will issue to new born Baby after the production of NICOP or CRC from from NADRA Pakistan.
  • Parents can apply both S- Formof New Born Baby at the Embassy , after getting the birth certificate from Danish authority, On Birth Certificate clearly mention Name of Child and their Parents names.
  • Follow the below procedure for Registration of Child (within 6 months):-
  1. Download S-formOR print , Registration Fee is 150 DKK.
  2. S-Form to be duly filled & submitted by the guardian/parents. “Download S-form“.
  3. For new born baby need Four (2) passport size color photographs (not more than one month old)
  4. Birthcertificate issed by Danish authorities
  5. Photocopies of Parents Passport
  6. Photocopies of parent’s CNIC/NICOP (bothsides)
  7. Photocopies of parent’s Residence card or valid visa on passport
  8. A copy of the receipt of the bank payment
  9. The fee must be deposited to Danske Bank though Net Bank and attached the Net Bank Receipt with application forms. you can also pay Fee with Visa Dankort.
  10. Danske Bank Account No. 4001-0010961874 (for S-Form Fee 150 DKK)
  11. Fee is Non-refundable.