Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What role does the Embassy play in facilitation of trade?

The Embassy provides the following trade related services:

  1. Information about companies in Denmark and Pakistan for trading of various products.
  2. Setting up meetings between companies.
  3. Answering specific trade related queries.
  4. Support for the participation in trade fairs in Denmark and Pakistan.
  5. Visas for Danish businesspersons to visit Pakistan.
  6. Organizing visits of business delegations to Pakistan and Denmark

What tariff is charged in Denmark on imports from Pakistan?

Pakistan is a beneficiary of the EU Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP) under which all imports from Pakistan to the EU members, including Denmark, are subject to zero tariff.

What rules and regulations apply to imports from Pakistan to Denmark?

The imports from Pakistan to Denmark are governed by EU rules and regulations which can be found from the following link:

What language is spoken in Denmark for conducting business?

All Danes are fluent in English and business can easily be conducted in English.

Should the Interested party from Pakistan contact companies directly or through channel of Danish Industry or Danish Embassy?

Generally, it is best that the companies correspond with each other directly. However, when required, the Embassy can facilitate contacts with companies in Denmark. Conversely, we also facilitate Danish companies in reaching out to Pakistani companies.

The Interested party/ individual from Pakistan can contact both Pakistani and Danish Authorities. Contacting Danish Authorities directly is also recommended. Most personnel in these organizations speak English. The relevant links are given below:

1- Danish Chamber of Commerce

2- Danske Industri

3- Embassy of Pakistan:


Tel: 004539621188

Is there a possibility of B2B meeting to be organized in relation to some specific sectors?

Yes, the Embassy can help in arranging B2B meetings. For this purpose, the requesting company must provide all relevant details to the Embassy for arranging the meeting. The meetings can also be held virtually.

What is the legal framework between Denmark and Pakistan for the protection of investments and avoidance of double taxation?

Denmark and Pakistan have signed the following agreements for protection of investment and avoidance of double taxation:

How can Embassy assist in dispute resolution?

Dispute resolution mechanisms are normally built into the individual contracts. All parties should read their contracts carefully before signing.

Denmark and Pakistan both follow established international law in this regard. Danish Embassy in Islamabad and Pakistan Embassy in Copenhagen could be the starting point for assistance for dispute resolution.

How can I find suitable partner for my products?

On demand of exporters, the Embassy can provide a list of importers located in Denmark in the concerned sector. However, the exporters will have to provide relevant information about product, numbers of employees and capacity of production along with documents from Chamber of Commerce of Pakistan, if needed.

The Embassy can also assist Danish Importers by providing them with lists of Pakistani exporters for the products they would like to import.

For lists of companies of some commonly traded products between Pakistan and Denmark, please click here.

Who should be contacted initially to start a business in Denmark?

New businesses must be registered with the Danish Business Authority:

See the website Business in Denmark: >

Where to register your company?

The requirements to register will depend on whether you wish to establish a permanent company or provide services in Denmark on a temporary basis. In many cases you will need a specific license, permit or authorization in order to carry out work in Denmark.

A lot of further information is available on…/temaer/ivaerksaeteri/ (in Danish)

Another option is the Start-Up Denmark programme for talented entrepreneurs, see

Copenhagen Capacity helps foreign businesses getting established in the Greater Copenhagen area:

Furthermore, Embassy of Denmark in Pakistan and Embassy of Pakistan Copenhagen should be contacted initially for start of business.

Any counterparts/ business enterprise that may have established contact directly can also be verified through both the Embassies.

For further queries, please contact the Embassy of Pakistan:


phone: 004539621188.

Is there any platform where SMEs can join similar venture in Denmark?

This could be attained through membership of relevant trade organization.

In this regard the Danish Business Hubs are independent public bodies under the oversight of the Ministry of Business, Industry and Financial Affairs. These centers also serve as intermediaries for a number of programs and subsidy schemes which entrepreneurs and SMEs can apply for. Together with municipal business development offices, the Business Hubs comprise a unified business services system.

For more Information kindly see the link below