Study in Denmark

Denmark is a world-class destination for international students. The academic sector of Denmark is driven by research, especially applied research, innovation and fosters a friendly environment aimed at achieving academic excellence. Combining an interesting mix of Nordic culture along with serious academic traditions, any incoming international student is assured of exposure to newer thoughts and values – an invaluable experience in itself.

The academic excellence of Danish universities is well recognized through the World QS Ranking of Universities:

English is the most commonly spoken and understood language in Denmark, in addition to Danish. While the undergrad programmes at Universities are in Danish, most Masters’ and PhD programmes in subjects of interest for Pakistani students are offered in English. Danish Universities also offer some scholarships to non-Danish/non-EU students. The Embassy has compiled details of such programmes and scholarships options as follows:

Scholarships in Denmark (for non-Danish/non-EU students)

Masters’ Programmes in Denmark (English only)

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