Tourism in Pakistan

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Pakistan is relatively a new country that was born in 1947 but it has an ancient soul, a history that is spread over thousands of years. It is where the great Indus Valley civilization and Gandhara Buddhist civilizations flourished, giving birth to a plethora of religions, cultures, peoples and traditions that still inspire the mysterious and diverse spirit of Pakistan.

Pakistan is a country of great variety in terms of terrain. In the north of the country, the great Himalayas, the Karakorams and the Hindukush mountain ranges converge, boggling the mind with their scale and beauty. While the landscape in the center and south of Pakistan, moves from vast lush green plains fed by river Indus, to a wide expanse of colorful deserts of Thar and Cholistan to a sweeping coastal line that stretches hundreds of miles along the Arabian Sea.

If you are looking for adventure in Pakistan, there are plenty in the mountains. If you want to delve into ancient civilizations and religions, the country is dotted with their glorious remains and if you want to bask in the culture of the country, you will be dazzled by its colors and rich diversity.  

We are ancient, we are mysterious, we are diverse. We are Pakistan.

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