Machine Readable Passports

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Apply for Machine Readable Passport at the Embassy of Pakistan Copenhagen

Requirements for Machine Readable Passport While Applying at Embassy

Following is required for Machine Readable Passport:

  • Valid Original CNIC/NICOP and a photocopy
  • Original Pakistani Passport and a photocopy
  • Sundhedskort/Sygesikringskort/Health Card (Copy & Original)
  • No photographs & Passport forms are required
  • For children below 18 years both parents have to accompany the children
  • For children below 18, parents must produce original NICOP of children and parents’ own NICOP/CNIC along with their photocopies.
  • For children born in Denmark please bring original Danish Birth Certificate issued by Danish Kommune, along with photocopy of birth certificate.

Fee Payment:

  • Please see fee chart for applicable fee.
  • For multiple applicants fee should be deposited separately for each applicant and a separate fee receipt for each applicant should be provided.
  • Bank receipt through netbank/ebanking is also acceptable (Please attach bank receipt with your photocopies).
  • You can also pay Passport Fee with Danish Visa Dankort (not with Swedish Bank Cards for applicants coming from Malmo, Sweden).
  • Applicants from Malmo need to submit 100 DKK extra when paying through bank transfer or E-banking. e.g. 300+100 = 400 for 5 years validity passport. (Please attach bank receipt with your photocopies).

Collection of Passport:

  • The passport can be collected by the applicant or a family member (parents, spouse, adult children). Please bring original previous passport and original token issued by the Embassy.
  • In case the applicant does not bring the old passport and original token, the MRP will not be delivered.

Timings for MRP Passport:

  • Data capture/processing is done between 09:00 to 12:00 (Monday to Friday).
  • MRP processing time: 20 working Days for Normal Passport, and 10 working days in case of Urgent Passport. (Embassy of Pakistan, Copenhagen is not responsible for any delay in the arrival/delivery of the MRPs from IMPASS Pakistan).
  • For delivery of passport through Post Denmark,please provide return pre-paid registered postal envelope with your home address at the time of submission of application.
  • For Pakistan Government Employees/Officers,NOCs from their respective departments issued not more than 90 days from the date of application of passport is needed.

Lost Passport:

Requirements in case of Lost Passport are as given below:

  • Valid Original CNIC/NICOP and a photocopy
  • Copy of lost passport
  • Sundhedskort/Sygesikringskort/Health Card (Copy & Original)
  • Police Report of lost passport
  • For children below 18 years both parents have to accompany the children. Parents should bring their original CNIC/NICOP and a photocopy
  • For fee, please refer to passport fee chart.
  • Please see ‘In person MRP application’ for additional information.

Fee Payment Chart:

The Fee Chart for Machine Readable Passport is as follows:

MRPFee for 05 years ValidityFee for 10 years Validity
36 pages300 DKK600 DKK600 DKK1200 DKK
72 pages600 DKK1200 DKK1200 DKK2400 DKK
100 pages900 DKK1800 DKK1800 DKK3600 DKK
1st Loss of Passport (Double Fee)Fee for 05 years ValidityFee for 10 years Validity
36 pages600 DKK1200 DKK1200 DKK 2400 DKK
72 pages1200 DKK2400 DKK2400 DKK4800 DKK
100 pages1800 DKK3600 DKK3600 DKK7200 DKK
2nd Loss of Passport (Quadrupled)Fee for 05 years ValidityFee for 10 years Validity
36 pages 1200 DKK2400 DKK2400 DKK4800 DKK
72 pages2400 DKK4800 DKK4800 DKK7200 DKK
100 pages3600 DKK7200 DKK7200 DKK14,400 DKK

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