Birth Registration

Registration of the Child as Pakistani Citizen

For registration of newly born baby in Denmark as Pakistani citizens, the following documents are required.

  • Forms S and S-I.
  • Two recent photographs (2 in x1.5 in) of the child with white background of professional quality. The pictures should not be older than 3 months.
  • Copy of Bank Transfer for Registration fee of DKK 150/- each in Embassy’s Account Number (4001-0010961874). Applicants can pay at counter with DanKort (Credit Cards and Cash is not accepted). The birth registration certificate is processed in 5-6 working days.
  • Birth Certificate of the child with both parents’ name on it. (preferably both English & Danish)
  • Original and Copies of the Passport & NICOP of Father and Mother (Mother’s NICOP must have Husband’s name on it).
  • Sundhedskort/Sygesikringskort/Health Card (Copy & Original)
  • In case of non-Pakistani Mother, an Affidavit signed by both parents declaring “No Objection” of the mother for registration of her child as Pakistani citizen.

Download S Form

Important Notices

  • Applications for registration of newly born babies are processed for newborn children of Pakistanis or dual nationals living in Denmark only.
  • NICOP (Online) & Machine Readable Passports applications require Birth Registration Certificate (Form S-I) issued by the Embassy. 
  • Applications for issuance of Birth Registration Certificates are entertained only within six months of the birth of the child as per law.