Travel to Pakistan

Revision of Inbound Policy

This is in supersession to all our previous guidelines regarding inbound travel to/from/within Pakistan.

With immediate effect, only the following guidelines will be applicable on inbound travel to/from/within Pakistan:

a) Only fully vaccinated passengers of age 12 years and above will be allowed to undertake international inbound air travel to Pakistan. This will be subject to following exemptions:

i) Pakistani Deportees
ii) Passengers (Pakistani / Foreigners) with valid medical reason for exemption of vaccination issued by a Doctor (certificate from classified specialist)
iii) Pakistani Passengers less than 12 years of age
iv) Foreigners / Foreign Passport holders less than 18 years of age
v) Passengers (Pakistani / Foreigners) who travelled outbound from Pakistan before October 01, 2021 whereby such passengers travelling through connecting Pakistan will be allowed to continue their domestic travel
vi) Passengers between 12 and 18 years of age may travel to Pakistan without proof of COVID-19 vaccination upto April 30, 2022.

b) Any non-vaccinated passengers of age 12 years and above travelling to Pakistan and fulfilling any criteria above (except for deportees) will be required to possess a negative PCR Test Result conducted within the 72 hours prior to commencement of travel to Pakistan.

• Partial or non-vaccinated passengers not fulfilling any pre-defined criteria listed above and seeking exemptions from Vaccination / Pre-departure PCR Testing may apply through concerned Pakistani High Commission to the Exemptions Committee for inbound travel to Pakistan.

c) Deportees will be tested on arrival through Rapid Antigen Testing and positive cases will be home-quarantined for a period of 10 days.

d) All passengers travelling to Pakistan will be required to submit requisite data through Pass Track App or web portal prior to departure for Pakistan.

e) Only fully vaccinated passengers of age 15 years and above will be allowed to undertake domestic air travel within Pakistan.

  1. Additionally, mask wearing will not be mandatory on domestic air travel within Pakistan. Notwithstanding passengers are encouraged to wear face masks in closed spaces such as aircraft cabins or passenger terminals for their protection. Any passenger(s) exhibiting any COVID-19 related symptoms will, however, be required to wear a face mask while undertaking air travel.
  2. In the event that any passenger exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 in-flight, such passenger(s) will be subjected to isolation by the airline crew accordingly.
  3. In-flight public announcements relating to COVID-19 will also not be required to be made by Pakistani airline operators.
  4. This is also to note that any additional COVID-19 stipulation mandated by any other State for passengers wishing to undertake international travel to/from Pakistan will also complied with by passengers.
  5. All other relevant Standard Operating Procedures issued by this office from time to time will cease to take effect.