Travel to Pakistan

Pass Track Registration / Data Submission:

          All inbound passengers to Pakistan except deportees will be required to register on Pass Track App and complete submission of requisite information prior to departure for Pakistan.


The App can be downloaded from Google’s and Apple’s App Store. Links are as follows:

Google’s App Store:

Apple’s App Store:

General Health / Testing Protocols for inbound travel to Pakistan:

The competent authority has decided to abolish Category B and Category C Country Lists with effect from January 05, 2022, 0001 hours. Consequently, the following guidelines will be applicable on inbound travel to Pakistan:

Pre-Departure Guidelines

a) Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination and possession of proof of COVID-19 vaccination. This is applicable for all passengers above 15 years of age.
b) Valid negative PCR Test result conducted within the 48 hours prior to commencement of travel to Pakistan. This is applicable for passengers above 06 years of age.

On-Arrival Guidelines (Applicable for All Passengers Above 06 Years of Age)

c) Rapid Antigen Testing upon arrival for all direct flights from Europe.
d) Rapid Antigen Testing upon arrival of a minimum of 50% inbound flights from KSA, UAE and Qatar
e) Selective Rapid Antigen Testing for all inbound flights other than flights mentioned at (c) and (d) above.

• Any and all passengers producing a positive Rapid Antigen Test upon arrival will be quarantined at a self-paid / government facility for 10 days and a PCR test will be conducted on day 8 of such Quarantine.

Pakistanis currently abroad and not vaccinated against COVID-19 for the following reasons are exempted from mandatory COVID-19 vaccination requirement concerning inbound travel to Pakistan subject to production of valid proof to immigration authorities / air operators:

a) Expired Visa or Illegal Immigrants / Deportees
b) Medical Conditions / issues
c) Pregnant female passengers
d) Passengers between 15 to 18 years of age (this exemption is valid untill February 15, 2022)